Lab members

Dr Cristina Castillo Alvarez (2019- ) – Cristina is funded by the NERC to study the effects of calcification environment on palaeoproxies.

Boontharee Chomhom (2020- ) – Boontharee is studying for her PhD investigating factors affecting the dissolution of reef carbonates. She is funded by the Thai government.

Nora von Xylander (2020- ) – Nora is studying how lipids influence coral biomineralisation for a PhD. She is funded by a University of St. Andrews World Leading research scholarship.

Celeste Kellock (2018-2019) – Celeste worked on the Leverhulme project studying aragonite biomineralisation. She is now studying a PhD at the University of Stirling.

Sarah Cryer and Emma Robertson (2018) – For her dissertation Sarah examined the combined effects of Cu and ocean acidification on the branching coral Stylophora sp.. She has now moved to the University of Southampton to study for a PhD. Emma investigated the chemistry of the Lochty Burn in Fife as it passed though a flooded open cast coal site.

Dr David Evans (2016-2018) – David investigated the roles of calcification fluid chemistry and organic materials in coral biomineralisation. He was funded by the Leverhulme Trust.

Tammy Green (2014-2018) – Tammy was a postgraduate student studying sulphur cycling in coral reefs.

Dr Cathy Cole (2012-2015) – Cathy was funded by NERC and studied the effect of changes in seawater pCO2 on coral skeletal chemistry. Cathy is now a climate science communicator at the Met Office in Exeter.

Dr Chris Hintz (2012) – Chris also worked on the NERC funded project to investigate how seawater pCO2 impacts coral skeletal chemistry.  He made 2 extended visits to St. Andrews to assist with the culture system build and he wrote the MATLAB software (with Ken) to control the system. After the visits, Chris returned to his day job as an associate professor in marine and environmental science at Savannah State University, Georgia.

Dr Ken Hintz (2012) – Ken is Chris’ Dad and he joined Chris on his first visit to help write the MATLAB guis. When he’s not moonlighting in marine science, Ken is an associate professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering department at George Mason University, Virginia.

Many undergraduates assist in the coral lab but special thanks to Casey Perry, Sasha Brytova, Alec Christie, Rowan McLachlan (now at Ohio State University) and Louise Cameron (now at Northeastern University, Boston).