I welcome interest from other groups interested in using the facilities.

Seawater DIC chemistry characterisation:

In my lab I have an Apollo SciTech AS-C3 fitted with a LiCOR NDIR LI-7000 CO2 analyser for determination of total dissolved inorganic carbon (typical precision = 0.1%, 1 sigma). I have a Metrohm 848 Titrino plus fitted with an Aquatrode pH sensor for total alkalinity analysis (typical precision ≈ 3-4 μmol kg‑1). We calibrate both instruments with seawater CRM from Andrew Dickson (UCSD) or with Na2CO3 standards, depending on the application.

Marine organism culturing:

The St. Andrews pCO2 controlled culturing system allows the culturing of organisms at tightly controlled seawater pCO2, temperature and salinity.

Coral culture system.jpg